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Work Permit-in English

There are changes regarding the issuance of a work permit, both for the first work permit and for the renewal – A new form has come out, it must be downloaded and then printed, it must be there when the bar-code is printed at the bottom, also the asap card is no longer necessary since last year and the year before last, which was supposed to be . Anyone who has renovated knows what I’m talking about.

The first working one is free, the renewal of the working one is $520 – the ASAP card does not need to be added anymore (So ASAP does not need to be added anymore):

There is online filing for work renewal, the price is low, it costs only $470, but I can’t help, I can check who works online, which means that only those who know themselves and whose English is perfect can and are allowed online. Don’t ask me anything about online because I don’t give info. Maybe it is faster and cheaper for someone, but two clients have already made a mistake, so they received a printed notice for more evidence, etc. My suggestion, if it’s a bit more expensive $520 is filing on paper, but I can review it on paper, but not online!

GOOD NEWS NEW (that’s why the working one has become more expensive) WORK PERMIT – is NOW FOR 5 YEARS, SO IT IS NOT ONLY 2 YEARS AS BEFORE.

My company started charging $20-$25 for a question-and-answer review and assistance service for the RENEWAL of work. So we do not charge for the first working day to our clients. We charge for the renewal if, for example, an error in the order of filing or forgetting the ‘I94 form’, which was not necessary before – results in the return of the request. I have a little more writing and explaining – that’s why I charge $25 for my time. Many do not even offer to pay. To me, it’s like a tip in a restaurant, when you leave a tip to the waiter every time you eat, and even to him. I interrupt my work day, to answer you, and I think that $20 to #25 dollars is not a lot and pay me ‘zelle’ on the phone or my email, without even asking me in advance before sending the form THANK YOU.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO JOIN ASAP ANYMORE on the ‘ASAP Membership’ section of this website. (From 2023 asap nemora) Membership is free, it lasts 1 minute via your mobile phone and the membership card (small blue) will then arrive electronically to your phone or email (in 24h-48h) and you can print it on paper – but you don’t need that anymore to work.

Form I-765 (request for work), print it from Google by typing: I-765 form Uscis

(Attention, check if you have entered the state official USCIS site, does Google give priority to ads, so it may happen that you find yourself on a site that asks you to pay – the form is free and you don’t have to pay anything. If they ask you to pay, exit and choose another did you enter by mistake where you shouldn’t)

Request: Fill out the I-765 by chemical means and not online, it’s easier for me to control and you save a lot of time and only give me a picture of pages 1-5
Put all copies and form I-765 in one copy in one envelope, and attach photos 2 with a stapler (On both photos, write your first name and surname on the back and put the date when you send the form), and money order paid (for renewal of work, for the first working day is paid nothing like an ASAP member) above to be seen on the I765 form (upper right corner, for example – with a paper clip).

The order of filing the documents is as follows, first goes:

  1. Form I765 of all 7 pages, behind it, as after page 7, the order doesn’t matter, but it usually goes like this: page 8. fingerprints (copy, that’s the paper where you got the red stamp) or if you don’t have a statement written why don’t you have one (because of covid a lot of them didn’t get a call), then the copy of the alien number (the first paper that arrived from immigration that you may or may not have entered the process, are the prints more important, the paper with the stamp, i.e. to show that you are gave prints), then a copy of the 1th first page of the passport, and finally, now according to the new copy of the I94 on paper of the electronic number that you downloaded from Google (on Google you type: I94 form, then select ‘official website’ and find the button ‘get most recent I94’, enter your data and go continue, when it appears on the screen, take a screenshot and print it on paper and send it to work (mandatory).

whoever is renewing the document also puts a copy of the old work permit (the first page of the document is enough) – and then you send it all to the following address:


attn: I765 C 08

P.O. Box 650888

Dallas, TX 75265 – 0888

Send from USPS American Post (not ups and not fedex) in a Priority Mail Envelope (cardboard white-red) delivery 2 business days. Price around $11.00

Filling I765:
Part1 reason for applying uncheck the ‘x’:
1a – if you are sending for work for the first time, 1b – if you have lost it, 1c – if it is renewal of work
Part2 Information about you: You enter the last name in the first field, the first name in the field below and field 1c middle name: n/a
If you did not have any other names, you will skip everything else on the first page. Girls who got married and have a new surname, this is the section from them where they fill in what their maiden name was, for example… So leave the rest blank if you didn’t have another name.
Part2 Your address:
5a ‘In care of name’ in translation means what is written on the mailbox, if you receive it, repeat your name and surname
5b – 5e is your address
Question 6 means do you receive fasting and live here at the same time – If the answer is ‘yes’, you will skip from 7a – 7e
8 question is your Alien number, it is on a small blue paper or on the prints in the corner above A#206..(or 208,209…)
9 question online account if you don’t have one, leave it blank.
Then fill in what they ask of you to the end of the page.
Question 14 IMPORTANT: put “No” if you already have social security, then under “Question 13b” write down which one it is. If you don’t have it yet – just answer “Yes”
VERY IMPORTANT: if you have social security and answer “No” and go to question 18a (meaning from 15-17b you will skip all the fields)
14 (if you don’t have a social security number): If you don’t have a social security number in America and answer “Yes” 15, the question asks if you agree to authorize the service to use your data to issue a social security number. If you agree, answer with “yes”
16 (if you don’t have social security): under ‘a’ Father’s last name, under 16b: your father’s name
17a (same for those who do not have social security): Mother’s last name (now in brackets (maiden)) – under 17b: mother’s name
18a are looking for the country from which you have citizenship
18b if you have another citizenship besides your first country
Where you were born, 19b and 19c for our country (Serbia, Montenegro, and BiH) write the same, that is, what you put in 19c, put 19b as well
21a to 22, fill in your information from the passport, 21a (take I94 from google: official page, then get most recent I94, then enter the passport and when it appears on the screen, take a screenshot and print and enter under 21a), 21c, ‘Travel document’ is requested in that field, write either the old passport number if you have one, or put: n/a
20 When you were born (obligatory date month/day/year with slashes, not dots)
23: The city where you last landed at the entrance (if chicago you write “Chicago, IL” and not the name of the airport “dulles”, it means the city only Chicago, IL)
24: if you came as a student, write “J1”, if you write “b2” on the tourist visa, it means which visa – people with H2b write “H2b”…
25: asylum applicant (if you got a green card, then you are no longer an ‘applicant’ but just an “asylee”)
27: ( C) ( 8 ) ( ) – (note this is the asylum code, for people in the process who did not receive a green card, write the signs ‘C’ in the first bracket, the number ‘8’ in the second and the third bracket remains empty)
28, 29 is left blank for people who are in the asylum, the question is left blank if it refers to cases that are not in the asylum
30 is a question about whether you have ever been convicted or arrested, so answer yes or no. (if you put YES, page 7 must be filled in, briefly write the reason for the arrest)
Page FOUR:
Part 3
In the 1st question, put an ‘x’ if you know English and you filled this out yourself
question 3-5 your data (daytime phone, mobile phone and your email)
7a be sure to sign and date 7b (minimum 151 days from the receipt of the asylum application with them, who has the asap card, which we suggest you all take, is it done without it and can’t work now)
Other subsequent pages are not filled in after page 4.

WHEN YOU’RE DONE, TAKE ME A PICTURE JUST TO CHECK, PAGES 1-4 . Do not take pictures of pages 5, 6, 7 and do not send passport pictures, old working ones – when a lot of pictures are sent, late pictures and they come in the reverse order of the thesis for control. So just take these 4 pictures here and send them for me to check (meaning without pictures of passports, cover letters, or statements

  • Thank you for your understanding.

NOTICE: When you have a job, it would be a good idea to take out mandatory health insurance in the USA. It is closed every November to December, for the following year. The state bears part of the payment if your income is lower, and in that case you will pay, for example, $20 to $30 less per month. There is a man who deals with health insurance and you can call him at 888-991-9808, his name is Vladimir Umicevic. (Our company does not have any property benefits, nor are we responsible for cooperation with other persons, we simply provide additional information in the form of the contact of the person who deals with it)

According to the new version, it would be good to copy the first page of your passport and the proof that you are in asylum in color. It happens that they say that, for example, an ID photo is missing, but in fact the clients sent bad copies, so they couldn’t see them and that’s why they asked for new ones. You can see everything on the color better.

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